Territorial Support Group

The TSG provides the only MPS Strategic Reserve for public disorder and critical incident response. It is a resource tasked for crime related issues across all business groups as well as being the MPS reserve for CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) response.

The TSG is London’s first response to any planned or spontaneous events, which may involve public disorder. We have policed every major public order event in the capital. The unit consists of a multi skilled and adaptable team of officers available to support the organization on boroughs with a wide range of complex issues, for example:

  • Flexible short notice deployments supporting corporate operations
  • Rapid entries
  • Taser, preplanned and spontaneous
  • Plain clothes/uniform tactics
  • Providing tactical solutions and advice to borough and business group problems
  • Surveillance
  • Community projects

Deployment of TSG

The TSG Commissioners Reserve provide 24/7 Pan London coverage, they are equipped with Taser and can be deployed as a Golden Hour response to critical incidents, terrorism or spontaneous public disorder. Borough reserves and crime posting teams are deployed to boroughs to assist the OCU at a local level with specific identified crime problems.

The TSG also supports counter terrorism initiatives with both high visibility patrols and providing behaviour detection trained officers.

Training and Recruitment

TSG officers are selected on merit. Essential criteria are: professionalism, self motivation and excellent communication skills. A high degree of fitness is required. Once selected an officer will complete a two week induction course where they receive enhanced instruction in public order tactics, CBRN training and officer safety techniques.

TSG Community Reference Group

The TSG Community Reference Group was launched in June 2012 with the aim of improving community confidence and engagement in the TSG. It is chaired by the Taskforce OCU Commander and is made up of around 20 members from different parts of London. Many of them are already members of local borough Independent Advisory Groups, who bring there expertise and knowledge around helping the MPS engage with communities. The CRG focuses around keys areas involving stop & search, complaints & recruitment. All CRG members are given the opportunity to go and patrol with the TSG to understand the role they perform.